Andreas & Lina

About Andreas
Andreas Cucca was born and raised in the south of Sweden in a nonchristian family. Thorugh a miraclous meeting with Jesus Christ in 1999 he was totally transformed and set free from suicidal thoughts and darkness! As a new beliver he felt a callig towards the unreached peoples. Andreas have traveled and preached in Bulgaria, Turkey, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Guinea and in Bangladesh on multiple occasions. Andreas has ministered as a youthpastor within the pentecostal movement. Andreas is traveling as an evangelist for Go Out Mission and preaching at campaings among the unreached peoples and in churches across Sweden. Married Lina on the 6th of August 2011.

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About Lina:
Lina Cucca was born in a missionsoriented family and has from an early age felt a calling towards mission. Her first missionstrip went to Thailand in 2009. After meeting Andreas in the summer of 2010 she went with a Go Out Mission team to a Gosepelcampaign in Bangladesh in October and in May 2011 she went to Bangladesh agian and this time she preached for the first time in an Gosepelcampaign meeting. She is a gifted preacher and worshipleader. Married Andreas on the 6th of August 2011.

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